Brittany Wait, a cinematographer and editor based in Syracuse NY, formed Just Wait Productions in 2016. Two years prior, she earned her Master’s in Photography from Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications. The flexibility of the program helped hone her skills in filmmaking and sparked a passion to chase light, find the mundane and make it extraordinary. Most importantly, she aims to tell captivating stories with intriguing characters in a way that's new and unexpected. In 2017, she served as Director of Photography on Christian feature film 12 Day with God, and is currently working on psychological short film A Castle for Emily. Brittany not only assists in the camera department on local features, but also works in documentary, filming in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and also locally. Currently, she is a part of the video team involved in the Look Now: Facing Breast Cancer documentary, following survivors and those living with the disease.

All images and films are copyrighted by Brittany Wait. All rights reserved.

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